Welcome to Lcapy’s documentation!

Lcapy is a Python package for symbolic linear circuit analysis, systems, and signal-processing. It uses SymPy for the underlying symbolic analysis and infrastructure. In addition, Lcapy can semi-automate the drawing of high-quality schematics from a netlist, including diodes, transistors, and other non-linear components. It can also symbolically transform both continuous-time and discrete-time signals, using Laplace, Fourier, and z-transforms. Expressions can be formatted in many forms and plotted with auto-labelling of the axes.

>>> H = 5 * (s**2 + 1) / (s**2 + 5*s + 4)
>>> H(t)
             -t       -4⋅t
         10⋅ℯ     85⋅ℯ
5⋅δ(t) + ────── - ────────  for t ≥ 0
           3         3

If you have suggestions for improvements, please create an issue at https://github.com/mph-/lcapy/issues.

For a graphical user interface, see https://github.com/mph-/lcapy-gui or https://pypi.org/project/lcapygui/

If you are using Lcapy for teaching, please email to ‘’.join(reversed([‘nz’, ‘.’, ‘ac’, ‘.’, ‘canterbury’, ‘@’, ‘hayes’, ‘.’, ‘michael’])).

To cite Lcapy in publications use Hayes M. 2022. Lcapy: symbolic linear circuit analysis with Python. PeerJ Computer Science 8:e875 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj-cs.875


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