Debugging expressions

Lcapy expression have a pdb() method that invokes the Python debugger. For example, to debug the inverse Laplace transform for the expression 1 / s use:

>>> (1 / s).pdb().ILT()

Import timing

To find which modules are slow to import, use:

$ python3 -X importtime -c "import lcapy" 2> /tmp/lcapy.log
$ tuna /tmp/lcapy.log

This requires Python3.7. tuna graphically shows which modules take the most time to import. tuna can be installed with pip:

$ pip3 install tuna

Adding new components

There are three steps: 1. Define component in 2. Add associated class in that handles the electrical properties 3. Add associated class in that draws the component

Note, both and are in dire need of splitting into multiple files; ideally one per class.

Python package dependencies

To find Python package dependencies:

$ pip3 install pipdeptree
$ pipdeptree